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What are Chinmen?

Chinmen are funny, stupid people that tend to be pretty much everywhere (it's just a matter of time before you can find them on t-shirts and such). Even MTV has borrowed the idea of chinmen in one of their commercials!

Chinmen have a significant but still unfamous part of the history. They can be seen in Hollywood (in fact many moviestars and celebrities have "gone Chin"). They can be seen on vacation. They have been a fun inspiration to many artists. In fact, they show their silly faces everywhere in the "up-side-down"-world we call Earth if you just look close enough. If you think this is fun, you should also check out the humor links, that can be found to the left. Enjoy, it's free! Please contribute with your own pictures of chinmen, the more stupid and fun you make them, the better.

Submit your own Chinman!

1. Take your photo
2. Turn it upside down in a photo editor
3. Cut out the chinman
4. Submit the picture as .jpg or .gif (max 500kb)


1. Find a chinman somewhere, ask him/her if you can take its photo.

Send the chinman as an attachment to info@chinmen.com

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